What Sound Does A Pig Make? Oink, Snort, Grunt, Squeal

December 16, 2022 by No Comments

Pigs make a lot of noise, from their happy oinks to their terrified squeals. The sound a pig makes is called an oink. Be sure to listen carefully for Oinks if you’re looking for your neighbor’s piglets who escaped.

What Does a Pig Sound Like?

Depending on what kind of pig it is—a hog, a piglet, a boar, or something else—its sound may vary. But the sounds we frequently hear from our pigs are oink, grunt, squeal, and snort.


The first sound that our porcine pals often make is “oink”. This reminds me of the tricky-to-spell short low gruff noise.

Particularly when they are looking for someone or something, the pig constantly makes this noise. Because of this, be sure to listen closely to their oinks while searching for your lost piglets.


Snorting is a pig’s final vocalization. This sound is produced when squeezing the nose hard and forcing air through it.

In order to express outrage, mockery, or incredulity, people can also make that noise when they abruptly force a breath through their nose. The pigs probably make this noise when you give them new food or when they are learning something new because they would point their cartilaginous ahead and snort to inspect it.

Snorting is not the same as sniffing. Snorting is the sound made when a strong airflow is directed outward while sniffing is the sound made when a gentle airflow is directed inward.


The grunt, which we hear in all situations, is another pig noise. This sound, which you make when performing a physically demanding task, is probably one that you are familiar with.

Various grunts can be heard, both loud and soft. Each has a distinctive meaning.

  • Soft grunts

Since pigs grunt rhythmically when they are content and at ease, you can refer to these as “happy grunts.” For instance, when we scratch or rub their bellies, they may grunt to convey their extreme satisfaction and their desire for us to continue doing so. Additionally, when they are eating or giving their young, you can hear their grunts.

  • Loud grunts

Due to the pigs’ propensity for producing agitated grunts in times of danger, this sound is less frequent than soft grunts.


Squealing is another sound made by pigs, and it is loud and high-pitched. Pigs frequently make one of two types of squeals.

The first one is a squeal that is loud and sudden and is produced when a pig is injured or scared. They may also do this to reassure or warn other pigs. When a pig is caught to sell or is grabbed by the tail, you will hear it squeal.

The second is a continuous squeal that is made to express anticipation. The pig typically makes this noise as it is about to be fed as if to signal that lunch or supper is finally on the way.


Pigs are typically associated with the sound of “oink.” However, a pig would actually do this and would also grunt, snort, and squeal. That may come the closest to describing the squealing sound they produce. It sounds strange, kind of like a squeal and a sudden intake of breath.