What Sound Does A Bobcat Make? ( Answered )

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Bobcats make a noise similar to a big housecats. Although they produce similar sounds to cats, they are louder and deeper due to their larger size. Bobcats have a variety of vocalizations; some meow, and others bark.

What Do Bobcats Sound Like?

Bobcats have a similar voice to house cats. Pet cats also produce a wide range of sounds, albeit in a different way.

Bobcats make a wilder, rougher noise. Due to their size, they are more imposing and audible than cats.

The sounds that bobcats make vary. Their “voices” can be different, but while some make certain sounds like barks or yelps others don’t.

What Sounds Do Bobcats Make?

The sounds that bobcats make are frequently compared to those of cats, dogs, foxes, and other similar animals.

Even a baby crying or a woman screaming is compared to their screams.

Their sounds are generally split into the following categories:

  1. Meows and chirps
  2. Hisses, growls, and snarls
  3. Barks
  4. Screams, screeches, and yelps
  5. Yowls and howls

Meows and Chirps

The meows that bobcats produce have the same function as those made by house cats. Meows are a cry or an appeal for attention. A chirp has a bird-like sound, but it’s used more like a meow.

As opposed to house cats, adult bobcats don’t meow as much. Bobcats do not meow because they do not have anyone from whom to demand food. But they do chirp.

Bobcat kittens frequently meow. One method they use to catch their mother’s eye is by doing this. They meow when they’re hungry or in danger, and momma bobcat comes to their aid.

All meows are not created equal. They also do the same silent “meow” that domestic cats make sometimes, especially when resting or walking.

Screams, Screeches, and Yelps

The scream of a bobcat can be heard clearly. Since males fight more during mating season, this is when they scream the most. Screaming is normal “courtship” behavior for bobcats.

One of the most terrifying sounds you can hear when you’re alone in the wilderness is the scream or the higher-pitched screech. It sounds like a woman or a child screaming in agony.

Basically a brief scream, a yelp is. Bobcats yell and scream for a variety of reasons, such as when they feel threatened or when mating.

A yelp or a scream has an effect similar to a bark when bobcats are threatened. It warns animals in the area that a predator is present.

As opposed to growling or snarling, it is also employed to attempt to intimidate a threat from a distance.

Hisses, Growls, and Snarls

When bobcats are attempting to intimidate prey or defend themselves, they hiss, growl, and snarl. Particularly when facing larger animals or during meals, they do this.

Both of these noises are frequently heard together and are frequently used interchangeably.

To prevent animals from approaching, spitting is often accompanied by hisses, growls, and snarls. They do not convey aggression toward anything. For defense, they are employed.


Hissing is a prolonged “s” sound that most felines make. As a defensive tactic, bobcats use it to try to frighten away things they deem dangerous.

what sound does a bobcat make


Many animals make a low, guttural sound called a growl to display aggression or to defend themselves. In defense, bobcats growl. They deter threats by demonstrating their willingness to engage in combat.

Additionally, bobcat kittens snort. They growl at their siblings or at strangers when they are playing or fighting.


Snarling is a step up from growling and is used when growls and hissing are ineffective at frightening away dangers. A snarl is a growl with clenched teeth that occasionally snap.

Snarling can turn into a physical altercation if it is not addressed. Particularly if they feel cornered, bobcats will defend themselves by attacking.

While playing, baby bobcats will also growl at their mother as well as at other babies.


The sound bobcats make is a coughing bark. Short bursts of air are forced and expelled by them. It is a distinct noise that resembles the threatening snort of a deer.

The barks of dogs don’t sound like this.

Bobcats’ bark is used as a normal form of communication, and many bobcats “bark”. It functions as a warning signal to let other animals know that a predator is nearby. They also employ it in times of threat.

Yowls and Howls

Screams are distinct from yowls and howls. Bobcats howl in distress, just like house cats. You can hear a yowl that sounds like a prolonged meow if they are hurt and in pain.

If female bobcats can’t locate their young, they will also yowl and howl to summon them. In the few social interactions they do have, they use these calls to locate one another.

what sound does a bobcat make

What Are the Bobcat Mating Sounds?

During the mating season, bobcats have a wide range of vocalizations. Screams, hisses, snarls, and other similar noises are examples of these. As they compete for territory over a particular female bobcat, male bobcats may make a little more aggressive noise.

It is thought that at this time of year, bobcats are most vocal. The majority of the time, their breeding season begins in January and lasts until about May. The likelihood of hearing bobcats making these noises in the wild is highest during this time.

Some people claim that the sounds made by bobcats during mating are painful to the ears because they resemble either a woman screaming or a baby crying.

What Are the Baby Bobcat Sounds?

The sounds that young bobcats make are the same as those of adults, but not always in the same circumstances.

Meows and chirps, mostly during feeding time, to get their mother’s attention.

When in distress, they howl or cry and call their mother.

Snarling, growling, and hissing. During their mothers and their playtime together.

yells, barks, screams, and more. They begin making sounds similar to those of adults as they get older.

How Far Can You Hear a Bobcat Scream?

For various reasons, bobcats make a variety of very distinct sounds. Sometimes they start out very softly and grow louder. You are probably closer than you want to be if you hear what you believe to be a bobcat.

A bobcat’s scream, if it was loud enough, could be heard from 100 yards away, but you couldn’t hear a bobcat from a mile away. However, they typically scream in low tones that are only audible to people nearby.

Do Bobcats Make Sounds While Hunting?

Bobcats don’t make noises when they’re hunting, unfortunately. They are predatory ambush animals. To succeed, they must be stealthy. To actively avoid making noise, they even take the same steps.

A bobcat won’t make noise while it is hunting for any reason. To ensure that they surprise their prey, they must be cunning.

To minimize noise and leave fewer tracks, bobcats even walk in their own tracks by stepping into the front paw print with their back paws.

Why Do Bobcats Scream?

Around mating season, male bobcats frequently scream. Bobcats scream during battles and during courtship rituals.

Bobcats scream as well when they feel threatened. A scream serves as both a call for help and an attempt at intimidation when a predator is present.

Do Bobcats Scream at Night?

Yes, bobcats do scream at night. They are typically heard at night and during the twilight hours because this is when they are most active.


Bobcats generally keep to themselves as they explore their territories and look for prey. Bobcats are able to hiss, growl, hiss, and purr, just like house cats can. To frighten larger predators, they also make aggressive noises like cough-barks.