Several Tips Tell You How To Turn Off Voice On PS5?

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PS5 is a game console that young people like very much today. Many people play it every day. But the PS5 is always too loud to play, which also turns a lot of people off. For such a situation, is there any good way to help solve the problem?

What is a PS5 Screen Reader? Voice Assistant?

PS5 screen reader narrates the text on the screen and reads it aloud to help users who have impaired sight.

How do you use Voice Control on PS5?

  1. In the “Search for games, movies, TV shows, players, and apps” field on the right, you will see the Microphone icon.
  2. Select the Microphone symbol and you will hear some audio cues.

How To Turn Off Voice On PS5?

Sony has unveiled a brand-new gaming console called PS5 (PlayStation 5). The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition now support voice commands from Sony, enabling users to operate their consoles without pressing any buttons. You will hear a feminine voice that carefully examines every detail on the PS5 display as soon as the “voice assistant” feature is enabled. Some people might find it useful, while others might find it irritating. Let’s find out how to disable voice on the PS5 in case you encounter a similar circumstance.

How to Turn Off Voice on PS5 Gaming Console

[1] your PlayStation 5 gaming system should be turned on.

[2] On the home screen, navigate to Settings at the top right and click on it.

[3] Under the Settings menu, select Accessibility.

[4] Select Screen Reader on the left side menu pane.

[5] Click the Enable Screen Reader option and turn it off.

[6] That’s it; your console will immediately turn off the voice.

How to Turn off the PS5 Screen Reader Narrator Option

To toss the screen reader narrator option for the PS5 console, you will go into the settings mode and then click on the “accessibility” option. This leads to a screen that displays the “screen reader” option. When you get there, you will see a switch that says Enable/Disable. Simply slide it to the position you desire, select Enable to turn it on, and select Disable to turn it off. This enables you to customize the screen reader narration setting as necessary.

One of the voice options for the PS5 that is frequently questioned and searched for online is how to disable the screen reader narrator.


How to Turn off The PS5 Speaker on the Controller

This is only to be used as a last-ditch effort when you really really don’t want to ever have to worry about fixing this ever again. It will completely disable the controller’s speaker forever, meaning you will not be able to do any party chat at all or if you are only going to play solo. Once more, using this technique will completely prevent you from speaking with your friends or a group team. This is a one-time use option.

Press the PS button on your controller if you still want to use the nuclear option for voice muting. The SOUND option will then be located on the menu screen to the right of the screen. Press the cross and bring that slider for the speaker all the way to the left of the screen. You won’t hear everything as a result of this. You won’t be broadcasting or able to hear anything from your teammates once you muffle yourself, either. There is no sound coming from your PS5 console or controller when this option is used in conjunction with the self-muting setting on your own controller.

As you can see, depending on which voice feature you want to disable, there are a variety of answers to the question “How do you turn off voice on a PS5” There is voice chat, there is voice narration, and there is the voice recognition feature, all of which have different manners to turn them silent. All of the questions you might have, we’ve attempted to address. You’re sure to find a solution that meets your needs, regardless of which option you entered into Google to find our article. Turning off the voice features is a very real way to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences because we want you to have the best possible experience, on your terms.

After reading this article, my mother no longer needs to worry about me playing PS5 noisily and affecting her rest。