How To Start A Podcast On Spotify? – Step By Step

October 3, 2022 by No Comments

The preferred place to listen to podcasts is Spotify. More time was spent listening to podcasts in 2021 on Spotify than in the previous year.

Even better, starting a podcast on Spotify doesn’t require specialized equipment or highly developed skills.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about podcasting on Spotify here, including how to post your upcoming episode.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify / How to Upload a Podcast on Spotify

  1. Verify your podcast meets Spotify’s requirements
  2. Create a Spotify account
  3. Agree to the terms & conditions
  4. Enter your RSS feed link
  5. Verify you own the podcast
  6. Enter details about your podcast
  7. Review and submit your podcast

How To Create A Podcast On Spotify In 7 Steps?

Spotify follows a similar procedure to the majority of podcast directories. The fundamental procedure entails creating an account, submitting your RSS feed to the service, and then waiting for them to approve it.

We have a list of prerequisites your podcast must meet before submission to help you comprehend how to start a podcast on Spotify and navigate the Spotify podcast submission procedure. Then, use our seven-step tutorial with screenshots to formally submit a podcast to Spotify.

1. Verify Your Podcast Meets Spotify’s Requirements

Making sure your show complies with Spotify’s requirements is the first step in our guide on how to launch a podcast on the platform. Use our checklist below to double-check your podcast’s settings:

  1. Bitrates for MP3 audio must range from 96 to 320 kbps and must be in ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Part 3 (MP3) format.
  2. Cover art must be a square ratio (1:1) and be in PNG, JPEG, or TIFF formats at the highest resolution possible
  3. The RSS feed must have a title, cover art image, and relevant details for at least 1 episode
  4. Episode titles and other consumer-facing fields shouldn’t exceed 20 characters to avoid ‘…’ truncation within Spotify’s platform
  5. Podcast descriptions and titles require special characters to be HTML coded. For example, “News & Politics” should be written as “News & Politics”.
  6. Episode size is limited to 200MB. 

2. Create A Spotify Account

Visit Spotify For Podcasters and sign in to complete the next step in the process of uploading a podcast to Spotify. Before you can continue with the Spotify podcast submission process, you must first create an account if you don’t already have one.

3. Agree To The Terms & Conditions

You’ll begin configuring your podcast’s listing on the following screen. To begin, hit the “Get Started” button which will bring you to The Terms & Conditions section of Spotify. Affirm the Terms & Conditions after reading the small print and entering your full name. Then hit “Continue.”

4. Enter Your RSS Feed Link

The following step in our tutorial on how to launch a podcast on Spotify is to provide the service with your RSS link. Locate your RSS feed link on the website of the podcast hosting service. Then add the link to Spotify and hit “Next.” You’ll get an error message asking you to enter the correct link if you enter your RSS feed link incorrectly.

5. Verify You Own The Podcast

Spotify will ask you to prove that the podcast content you’re submitting is actually yours on the following screen. An eight-digit code from Spotify will be delivered to the email address connected to the RSS feed. You most likely registered for your podcast hosting service with the help of this email address.

6. Enter Details About Your Podcast

The following step in the process of submitting a podcast to Spotify is to provide some information about it, such as the nation in which it was produced, the language used most frequently, the name of the company that hosts your podcast, and its main subject matter.

7. Review And Submit Your Podcast

The last step in our guide on how to launch a podcast on Spotify is to go over the data you provided. Be careful when reviewing the details because once you hit submit, you can no longer make changes.

You can publish your podcast on one of the most popular podcasting platforms today in just seven simple steps. Remember to spread the word about your podcast once it is life. To increase your audience, make this a consistent habit with each episode.

Why Do Podcasters Choose Spotify?

Here are some of the main explanations for why so many podcasters favor Spotify over other streaming platforms. You’ll also discover a few advantages of using a streaming service like Spotify that you might not have thought of. If you’re learning how to start a podcast on Spotify, these are reasons to choose this platform:

1. Spotify’s Massive User Base

Since there are already millions of Spotify users, you are essentially reaching an audience that is interested in your type of content. The platform has seen a 200% increase in podcast listening over the last two years. There aren’t many streaming services that can claim to have that many subscribers.

Over 92 markets worldwide, Spotify has nearly 300 million subscribers. These listeners frequently search the platform for intriguing new podcasts to check out and appreciate. Why not use Spotify’s effective marketing strategies to build your own audience naturally?

2. Seamless Integration Of Multiple Platforms

Other streaming services, such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, specifically target niche audiences based on their preference for Android or iOS devices. Spotify is a platform that users can access regardless of the device they own, unlike the other streaming services that are continuously being released by companies like Amazon.

Spotify is the quickest and best-integrated option for you if you want your episodes to be accessible to podcast listeners on their phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and home smart devices.

There has never been a better time to launch a podcast on Spotify thanks to the growing number of active listeners around the world. Additionally, distributing your podcast on Spotify is simple and cost-free. Starting a podcast also doesn’t require technical expertise. If you are a creator or publisher with the zeal and the willingness to try new things, you can succeed.

The knowledge in this article should give you more assurance that you can produce your first podcast for Spotify. Look up podcasts with similar objectives to your own for more motivation.