How To Block A Sound On Tiktok?- And Why

September 23, 2022 by No Comments

People who venture into TikTok‘s recommendations page may chance upon the occasional video backed by a sound they find annoying or ear-splitting, wishing there was an easy way to stop hearing the noise ever again. There’s always a chance that users will be given clip suggestions they don’t necessarily enjoy watching or hearing, as is the case for the majority of social media platforms that algorithmically curate content. It might not be as easy to find a block button for specific audio snippets on TikTok in particular for a solution.

In general, TikTok is a great place to find catchy songs that not all music lovers may have already heard. Numerous videos that have gained popularity on the platform and spread to other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become memes. It is possible, though, for some people to find a specific sound clip off-putting, annoying, or even offensive.

Can A Sound Be Blocked On Tiktok?

On TikTok, you can silence a sound! Knowing how to block a TikTok sound is very helpful because you might find a particular sound to be upsetting or you might simply have heard it a lot and don’t want to hear it again. Additionally, we will explain how to do it in this article.

How Do You Block Sounds On Tiktok?

1. Open Up The Tiktok App

You must first launch the TikTok app and log in to, or switch to, the account you want the sound to be blocked on.

2. Find The Tiktok Sound You Want To Block

Next, locate the TikTok sound that you want to block.

  1. By using the keywords from the video description, search for the video on TikTok.
  2. Search for the sound on TikTok, then select “Sounds” from the search results.
  3. Until you hear the sound again, scroll through your For You Page (FYP).
  4. Visit the profile of a TikTok user who has used the sound before that you are familiar with.
  5. Scroll through the videos that were tagged with a hashtag you found by searching for one that is frequently used with sound.

On TikTok, you can search for a video, sound, or user by tapping on the “Friends” icon, which looks like two people. A search bar is located at the top of the Friends page.

3. Report The Sound

Next, go to the top right of the sound page where the Share button—which resembles an arrow pointing to the right—is located.

Tap on this button.

A menu will now appear on your screen by sliding up from the bottom. You will see a “Report sound” option with a flag icon as icon.


4. Block The Tiktok Sound

Selecting a reason is now required. You should tap on “I’m not interested in this content”

Why Tiktok Sometimes Mutes People Videos?

Other times, you might watch a TikTok video and discover that the audio isn’t functioning. There is a reason in the majority of situations where this occurs, whether it’s your own video or someone else’s: According to reports, if TikTok discovers a copyrighted sound, the sound may then be muted while the video is still playing.

Why some sounds are subjected to this treatment while others are not is unclear. And why do so many songs that are copyrighted before they are uploaded with videos on TikTok end up becoming hits in general? But, much like the TikTok algorithm, it’s unclear why some sounds are muted and others start trending on the app.

If you continue to hear the sound, get in touch with TikTok and ask them if there is anything they can do internally for you.