How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak? All You Want To Know

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Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira is well-known throughout the world. She is one of the most famous Latin American performers ever.

The number of languages Shakira can speak may be on your mind. It is only natural to wonder if she speaks multiple languages given her enormous success and multilingual music releases.

How many languages does Shakira speak? In total, the Colombian songstress speaks a whopping seven different languages, Her mother tongue is Spanish, and she also speaks English, French, Italian, Arabic, Catalan, and Portuguese. Shakira spoke primarily Spanish and a little Arabic as she was raised in Colombia by a Colombian mother and a Lebanese father.

We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. In-depth information about the languages Shakira speaks, her level of fluency, and how she picked them up will be covered in this post.

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What Languages Does Shakira Speak?

Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, French, Catalan, and Arabic are all spoken with ease by Shakira.

Given that she was born in Colombia and grew up listening to music in many different languages, she acquired these languages more naturally than most other musicians do.

She encountered people of various ethnicities and was exposed to a rich culture, which stoked her interest in learning several languages.

She has risen to become one of Colombia’s best-selling artists as a result of her diverse talent, and there is no denying that she is known all over the world as a successful performer. She didn’t decide to develop her personality until after she had achieved such success, which led to her learning several languages.

Spanish Fluency Of Shakira

Yes, Shakira speaks Spanish natively.

Colombia’s Barranquilla is where Shakira was born on February 2nd, 1977. She was raised by Colombian Nidia Ripoll Torrado. Although Lebanese, her father, William Bebarak Chadid, has lived in Colombia since he was 5 years old.

Shakira is able to speak Spanish at a native level because she was raised in Colombia, where Spanish is the official language.

You can hear Shakira speaking Spanish during an interview in the video below:

Does Shakira Speak English?

Yes, Shakira can speak English fluently.

When Shakira was only 13 years old, her debut album was actually released in 1990. The entire “Magia” album was written in Spanish.

She made the decision to learn English so that she would have complete creative control over the album’s English translation, which would allow it to reach a larger audience.

The ability to write the songs herself would enable her to release future albums in English, which was another goal of hers.

Shakira acknowledged that it was her drive and tenacity, combined with her dedication, that allowed her to pick up English so quickly.

I had the need and the urgency to express ideas, feelings, and thoughts, Shakira said when talking about her journey to learn English. It was necessary for me to communicate all of my experiences in a foreign language.

How Well Can Shakira Speak English?

Shakira has a strong command of the English language. Throughout most of her career, she has given interviews and sung in English, as seen and heard.

Being the most widely used language in the world, English is useful for any global superstar to know, especially if they want to break into America and build a strong fan base there.

Shakira actually made sure her songs were accurately translated into English because it was the first language the record company wanted her to use when translating her album from Spanish to English.

Her songs are extremely well-liked in many nations that speak English, so it was worthwhile.

Speaking Portuguese, Is Shakira?

The majority of the countries where I spent my formative years in South America are Spanish-speaking. The exception is Brazil, which is known for speaking Portuguese due to a different type of colonialism.

Shakira was sent on a lengthy tour of Brazil when she was just getting started so she could build a fan base that was more representative of the South American continent.

She attracted more and more devoted Portuguese fans as she performed throughout Brazil. She made a commitment to learn Portuguese properly as a result, and she is now proficient in it. You can find several Brazilian interviews where she is speaking freely with the press and fans alike.

It’s important to note that Shakira speaks Brazilian Portuguese more frequently than traditional Portuguese from Europe. Even though the fundamentals of both languages are the same, there are some distinctions in pronunciation, grammar, and slang that prevent them from being always understood in either country.

Comparing it to French and Canadian French will help you to understand how similar the two languages are at their core but how different they are from one another.

How Well Does Shakira Speak Portuguese?

Shakira is a proficient speaker of Portuguese.

Many times in public, she has demonstrated her fluency in Portuguese, speaking it during interviews and even when interacting with Brazilian contestants on the singing competition show “The Voice.”

Watch Shakira speak Portuguese in the video below as she discusses the movie “Zootopia,” in which she provided a character’s voice.

As you can see from the video above, Shakira is able to understand and speak Portuguese fluently.

She can express herself fluently in the language and was able to respond with ease.

How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak All You Want To Know
How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak? All You Want To Know

What Italian Can Shakira Speak?

Yes, Shakira speaks Italian.

By immersing herself in Italian culture while touring Italy, Shakira was able to learn the language.

Given that Shakira does have some Italian ancestry on her mother’s side, it is likely that she became interested in learning the language.

Does Shakira Speak Italian Well?

Shakira is able to communicate well in Italian. In interviews and performances, she has been heard speaking Italian.

You can hear Shakira speaking Italian in the video below:

As demonstrated in the video up top, Shakira is capable of having a conversation in Italian. Even a translation earpiece is rejected by her.

Although she doesn’t speak Italian as well as she does Portuguese or English, she still has good command of the language.

She had no trouble comprehending the hosts and could respond intelligibly and effectively.

Why Speaks Shakira Arabic?

Shakira’s father is Lebanese, so it’s likely that he taught her Arabic. In fact, Shakira means “grateful” in Arabic. This honors her Middle Eastern ancestry, most likely.

Additionally, her signature belly dancing, which is featured in numerous of her music videos and live performances, has its roots in Middle Eastern culture.

Shakira performs in a way that combines the best of her heritage and the more traditional Latin American and Middle Eastern performance styles.

The Middle East and North Africa, where Arabic is widely spoken, have seen an increase in her fan base as a result of this. After releasing Waka Waka (This time for Africa) as the official song of the 2010 Football World Cup, which was held in South Africa, Shakira actually has a sizable fan base throughout Africa.

Is Shakira An Arabic Speaker?

Yes, Shakira speaks some Arabic.

From a variety of backgrounds, Shakira hails. William Mebarak Chadid, her father, is a native of Lebanon. He was actually born to a Lebanese family in New York City. At the age of five, his family relocated to Colombia.

Actually an Arabic name with the meaning “grateful,” Shakira is the singer’s name. She has previously stated that she treasures Arabic music and that her Arabic heritage is important to her.

In fact, Shakira’s famous belly dancing and “hips don’t lie” song were inspired by her Middle Eastern roots.

She saw traditional belly dancing and heard Arabic music for the first time when her father took her to a Middle Eastern restaurant when she was 4 years old.

She claimed that after getting up on the table and starting to dance, she realized that she wanted to be a performer.

Shakira’s Arabic Language Proficiency.

Shakira hasn’t conducted an interview in Arabic, so it’s unclear how well she can communicate in that language.

Given that she starts speaking Arabic in the video below but quickly switches back to English, it appears that Shakira is probably not fluent in Arabic. She visited Lebanon in 2018, and this video is from that trip.

In Dubai in 2007, she performed on stage in Arabic. The performance in the video below can be heard with Shakira speaking Arabic.

Since Shakira’s father is Lebanese and she probably learned some Arabic from him, it makes sense that she speaks Arabic in this video with a Lebanese accent.

Does Shakira Speak French?

Yes, Shakira can speak French.

Although Shakira has given some interviews in French in the past, it is unknown where she first learned the language. For both recorded music and live performances, she has also performed in French.

Does Shakira Speak French Well?

French is one of Shakira’s strong suits. She has acknowledged that she isn’t completely fluent in French, but she can still carry on a conversation.

In the video below, Shakira can be heard speaking French. Additionally, you can see her singing in French.

There is no doubt that Shakira has a good command of both spoken and written French.

Is Shakira Catalan-speaking?

Shakira is able to speak and understand Catalan, a language that is primarily spoken in Eastern Spain and Andorra, though it is unknown how fluently.

The Catalan language, which is the native tongue of numerous significant Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Valencia, Tarragona, and Girona, sounds like a cross between French and Spanish.

Shakira probably picked up Catalan while she was still married to Gerard Pique, her ex-husband. Pique spent the majority of his playing time as a center-back for Barcelona, and the city is awash in Catalan as a result of Barcelona spearheading the cause for the region’s independence.

If you’re from Barcelona or have ever been there, you’ve probably noticed bilingual signs everywhere, especially on the city’s public transportation.

When Shakira released a video of herself singing in Catalan, there was debate over her command of the language. She was considered a traitor to Spain by many Spanish people living outside of Catalonia. At the time, Catalonia was attempting to secede from Spain, which may sound extreme now.

Catalans voted overwhelmingly to separate from the rest of Spain. But the Spanish government refused to recognize the vote because it was deemed invalid. What followed were weeks-long protests and a great deal of rioting.

Therefore, Shakira’s decision to sing in Catalan at this time was a significant political statement that not everyone embraced.

How Is It That Shakira Can Speak So Many Languages?

Shakira appears to have been very interested in learning foreign languages since a young age. She actually grew up listening to music in English, Arabic, and Spanish, among other languages.

She has even performed her songs in a wide range of foreign languages over the years. In addition to the languages mentioned above, Shakira has also performed songs in Latin, German, and Catalan.

If So, How Many Languages Can Shakira Sing In?

Shakira has performed in a number of other languages in addition to the seven we’ve already mentioned, where she is fluent. You can watch videos of Shakira singing in German and even Latin online.

There is no evidence to suggest that Shakira speaks or understands German or Latin with any degree of fluency, despite the fact that there is video of her singing in these other languages.

Final Words

Shakira can sing in at least two more languages in addition to speaking seven in total, making her an undeniable polyglot. The combination of Shakira’s extensive fan base, international lifestyle, and multicultural heritage makes her the ideal spokesperson for a skill like language learning.

Many thanks for reading.

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